Colour Purple

Seeing colours is a manifestation of how I feel in the moment… I might see red when I’m angry, black when I’m lost, pink and purple when I’m excited. I kind of knew this all along and also experienced it oftentimes, especially at times of intense emotions.

Today I got a new insight – by looking at a colour, I can change how I feel! The colour can be in my mind or better, the colours of nature. This is exciting, choose the color, focus on that and change the way you feel in the moment. This is opening up exciting possibilities….!

A couple of days ago I was working with a client. I realised that the client was projecting some anxieties on to me. I was not experiencing them but it was very real for the client. We were standing in a conference room which had a large window facing a lush green patch, now wet in the rains. I began experiencing irritation at what my client was saying, also introjected some of the anxiety, till I turned to look at the lush green outside. Slowly but surely, I experienced a certain sense of calmness descending over me. I was taking in the rich, wet green (in fact it was a combination of greens – some dark, some light and many shades in between!) and felt protected from the anxiety onslaught! I listened to my client and smiled. That smile also seemed to calm the client… I don’t know what colour she saw!

Yesterday morning I had a small argument with someone over phone. I was making an Omelette for myself at that time. This person was upset with someone and was blaming me for protecting that person! I was about to react (which is what I most often do- see RED!). This time I looked at the egg batter, the rich yellow and orange. The brightness of the yellow was like a silver lining in a dark cloud. I surprised myself with the calmness with which I dealt with the situation (later this person sent me an sms saying “You didn’t get hooked to my drama”).

As I was writing this blog, I wondered “what is the colour of my life now?” “What is giving me energy now – inner peace and outer drive?”. The answer that came to me from deep inside is “purple”. I’m not sure what it means. I then realised that there is a phrase called “purple patch” which is defined as a period of good fortune and creativity. Wow…maybe I’m in my purple patch!!